About Marina

Marina Yamamura 

I am Marina Yamamura. Tea ceremonyst, Japanese culture specialist, Japanese dancer, Founder of Salon de Sarahmarina Tokyo, Founder of Salon de Sarahmarina et de villa sanctuaire Marie-Louise.

I have two salons in Tokyo and Tateshina, Nagano prefecture, as a part of my Sarahmarina activities.

I hold seminars at my Tokyo salon and retreat seminars at my Marie-Louise sanctuary villa in Tateshina, Nagano Prefecture.

I introduce Japanese culture to Japanese and non-Japanese people in Japan and in the world because I am happy to introduce my experience of Japanese tea ceremony, manners and customs to people.

My seminars encourage people to create well-being in their lives through connecting with the five elements (Wu Xing): wood (plants), fire, earth, metals and water.

This enables people to discover the nature rhythms of the universe.

Sarah Marina

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